Sunday, February 12, 2017

#77 The Bombay cocktail. (Not the Mumbai cocktail. )

I'm getting back into this, and  I don't know why. Maybe the muse has hit me,  maybe it's just boredom or maybe it's at the place I keep all my liquor is really really full.    (Mostly the latter to be truthful.)  So,  I'm going to be sticking with one main type of liquor in this case and then move on to the next.   We are starting with  Absinthe Substitute.*

Tonight's drink contains both types of Vermouth, Pernod's, Brandy and Curacao. Unfortunately it's going to look a little weird because the only course I have is blue.  I could probably use Triple Sec instead however I'm going for taste overlooks and I have the Curacao.  Now on to the drink.

It has a very nice green blue look to it but it smells overwhelmingly  like licorice.  It tastes like sweetened licorice as well.      Yuck!  

I might of made the drink incorrectly as the Pernod and Curacao amounts were minuscule.  I'm not going to try this one again.

One other book had a recipe for this, but only called for lemon juice
, East India Punch and served in a Pimm's No.1 cup.  I have no idea what the punch is nor have I ever seen a Pimm's cup of any number.  

*A note on absinthe substitute. At the time of the most of these books were published absinthe was not available in the United States as stated above I am trying to be as accurate to the recipes as possible.  This is why I'm not using absinthe in any of the cocktails.

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