Saturday, February 25, 2017

#126 Button Hook Cocktail

Tonight we have the Button Hook Cocktail.   I've never worn button on boots nor do I think I ever will need to own button on boots, so I'll never need to use a button hook. The fashion of  this style of footwear was started by Queen Victoria.
Now let on to the cocktail.

Made with Creme de Menthe (White), Apricot Brandy, Absinthe Substitute, and Brandy. Take a  1/2 oz of each and shake.

You have a beautiful golden color and a little bit of froth on it. The Taste is kind of fruity and well-balanced. It is a little bit sweet for my taste but I'd highly recommend you try it.

Next up the Cafe the Paris Cocktail. Looking forward to the recipe I see that it has......oh no... not again........egg white.

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