Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pokemon Go Plus, A review

Like many people I have been playing Pokemon Go.   The game is addicting and it gets me walking.   So when I heard that Pokemon Go Plus  was released, I spent some store credit and bought one.  I've been using it a week and here are my thoughts.

First, a bit about the product.   Its a $35 dollar Bluetooth enabled button that allows you to play PG, in a limited fashion,  without looking at your phone.   It flashes and buzzes when a 'mon is close, a Stop is close and it also records distance traveled for your buddy and for eggs.

The find and throw function has limits,  only one basic ball is thrown and if the 'mon escapes it runs away.   There is no way of seeing what your throwing at other then a flashing color,  green for something in your 'dex and yellow if you haven't caught it yet.     Now if you don't have any standard 'balls,  it will keep flashing and buzzing until your out of range.   I found this to be most annoying as there is no was to skip past.

The activate 'stop function works well, but there some thing to note.   If you're in a vehicle it might not alert you to a 'stop unless the game cycles the time just right and the game will alert for a 'mon over a 'stop at all times.  You will miss things if you rely on this as your only interaction

The distance tracking works well,  I've hatches several eggs using it.

In the end, its good product depending, on how you play.    If you're a walking and don't care what you're catching its a great way to get exp and stardust, and it helps keep you in the moment of what your doing while still allowing you to play.

There you go,  and happy hunting!

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