Saturday, February 25, 2017

#126 Button Hook Cocktail

Tonight we have the Button Hook Cocktail.   I've never worn button on boots nor do I think I ever will need to own button on boots, so I'll never need to use a button hook. The fashion of  this style of footwear was started by Queen Victoria.
Now let on to the cocktail.

Made with Creme de Menthe (White), Apricot Brandy, Absinthe Substitute, and Brandy. Take a  1/2 oz of each and shake.

You have a beautiful golden color and a little bit of froth on it. The Taste is kind of fruity and well-balanced. It is a little bit sweet for my taste but I'd highly recommend you try it.

Next up the Cafe the Paris Cocktail. Looking forward to the recipe I see that it has......oh no... not again........egg white.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#110 Brazil Cocktail

What I hear the name Brazil the first thing I think of is the Terry Gilliam movie about a
dystopian future,  after that I think of the bombshell Carmen Miranda, Carnival, soccer, corruption, poverty, and pollution.  Now this cocktail has nothing to do with any of those things.

I'm thinking that some of theses cocktails are archaic,  that is to say they were made very much at the time the writing this book but here we go with Brazil cocktail.

Made with Dry Vermouth, Sherry, Bitters and Absinthe Substitute. Stirred with cracked ice and served in a cocktail glass.

It certainly looks nice with a very pleasing caramel color a little hazy but that's to be expected. The taste however is underwhelming. The flavors didn't merge well. I wouldn't spend money on it but it wasn't awful.

 Next up the button hook cocktail.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

#77 The Bombay cocktail. (Not the Mumbai cocktail. )

I'm getting back into this, and  I don't know why. Maybe the muse has hit me,  maybe it's just boredom or maybe it's at the place I keep all my liquor is really really full.    (Mostly the latter to be truthful.)  So,  I'm going to be sticking with one main type of liquor in this case and then move on to the next.   We are starting with  Absinthe Substitute.*

Tonight's drink contains both types of Vermouth, Pernod's, Brandy and Curacao. Unfortunately it's going to look a little weird because the only course I have is blue.  I could probably use Triple Sec instead however I'm going for taste overlooks and I have the Curacao.  Now on to the drink.

It has a very nice green blue look to it but it smells overwhelmingly  like licorice.  It tastes like sweetened licorice as well.      Yuck!  

I might of made the drink incorrectly as the Pernod and Curacao amounts were minuscule.  I'm not going to try this one again.

One other book had a recipe for this, but only called for lemon juice
, East India Punch and served in a Pimm's No.1 cup.  I have no idea what the punch is nor have I ever seen a Pimm's cup of any number.  

*A note on absinthe substitute. At the time of the most of these books were published absinthe was not available in the United States as stated above I am trying to be as accurate to the recipes as possible.  This is why I'm not using absinthe in any of the cocktails.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pokemon Go Plus, A review

Like many people I have been playing Pokemon Go.   The game is addicting and it gets me walking.   So when I heard that Pokemon Go Plus  was released, I spent some store credit and bought one.  I've been using it a week and here are my thoughts.

First, a bit about the product.   Its a $35 dollar Bluetooth enabled button that allows you to play PG, in a limited fashion,  without looking at your phone.   It flashes and buzzes when a 'mon is close, a Stop is close and it also records distance traveled for your buddy and for eggs.

The find and throw function has limits,  only one basic ball is thrown and if the 'mon escapes it runs away.   There is no way of seeing what your throwing at other then a flashing color,  green for something in your 'dex and yellow if you haven't caught it yet.     Now if you don't have any standard 'balls,  it will keep flashing and buzzing until your out of range.   I found this to be most annoying as there is no was to skip past.

The activate 'stop function works well, but there some thing to note.   If you're in a vehicle it might not alert you to a 'stop unless the game cycles the time just right and the game will alert for a 'mon over a 'stop at all times.  You will miss things if you rely on this as your only interaction

The distance tracking works well,  I've hatches several eggs using it.

In the end, its good product depending, on how you play.    If you're a walking and don't care what you're catching its a great way to get exp and stardust, and it helps keep you in the moment of what your doing while still allowing you to play.

There you go,  and happy hunting!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

5E D&D Part 1.

Because of a few people dropping out of my superhero game that I've been running I'm switching over to 5th edition D&D.    That means variant rules must be deiced, house rules have to be codified and a world created.   I have most of the in my head but I have to get some information in to the hands of the players.

So lets start with the Players Handbook.

1. House rule: Dark Elves (Drow)-  Are considered an uncommon race and have to follow any uncommon race rules.  see below.

2. Human - The Variant Human Traits rule from p.31 is allowed.

3.House rule: Uncommon races- All uncommon races have to be approved by the DM before play.  There are story reasons for this house rule.

4. House rule:  Ability scores- Upon rolling abilities, if the totaled modifiers is less then zero the player can re-roll  all scores.

5. Backgrounds: The Retainers feature for the Nobel background is available.  p. 135

6. Backgrounds: The Bad Beputation for Sailor is available.  p. 139

7.  Customization options:  All of chapter 6 is open for use,

8. Spells- Some spells may have to be completely rewritten to fit the setting.  (i.e.  Find Familiar and Summon Steed).

Friday, April 25, 2014

The plan

I’m kind of tired of working in my dead end permatemp job of 4 ½ years, Applying for jobs at my workplace only to have my head bounce off the hiring ceiling,  and trying to get a job without a degree.   This has to change, and I am the only one who can do something about it.

I’ve come up with a plan and it’s a simple one.   First get my basics back in par.  Secondly find free open courses that can be validated with exams and a college to grant the credit. Lastly get the degree and profit!

I’ve taken the first few steps.  I’ve enrolled in a Massively Open Online Course for College Readiness Math. I’ve also found that Thomas Edison State College has at least one Open Course ware degree program with the courses and test listed.  Now I just have to check with the college for more details and to start my MOOC on Monday.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back to bloggin'

It's time I got back to this.   Maybe I'll be more active if I have a plan for this.  

So here is the stuff that currently going through my head.

1. Trying to get a college degree on the cheap
2. RPG stuff.  Including, but not limited to, the end of a chapter in a Pathfinder game I play in,  restarting my Star Wars Campaign,  my ongoing Necessary Evil Campaign and ideas for D&D next.
3.  SCA stuff and projects.
4.  Minecraft projects.

I will also keep up on movies, TV shows and of course the Boston Project.