Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#110 Brazil Cocktail

What I hear the name Brazil the first thing I think of is the Terry Gilliam movie about a
dystopian future,  after that I think of the bombshell Carmen Miranda, Carnival, soccer, corruption, poverty, and pollution.  Now this cocktail has nothing to do with any of those things.

I'm thinking that some of theses cocktails are archaic,  that is to say they were made very much at the time the writing this book but here we go with Brazil cocktail.

Made with Dry Vermouth, Sherry, Bitters and Absinthe Substitute. Stirred with cracked ice and served in a cocktail glass.

It certainly looks nice with a very pleasing caramel color a little hazy but that's to be expected. The taste however is underwhelming. The flavors didn't merge well. I wouldn't spend money on it but it wasn't awful.

 Next up the button hook cocktail.

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