Saturday, July 15, 2017

D&D Campaign Lore - Time Line

During what we know now as the Age of Rebirth, the noted historian Publius Junius Dacien codified the system that we use for history today.   Ages have no set years, rather they evoke the major influences that happened.   Times mark the end of Ages.   The 4th Age ended when Emperor Maxen X sundered the runic sigils and brought about 100 years marked by fire, plague and famine.

Time Line

The Age of Dreams
The Time of the Fall

The Age of Serpents
The Time of the Avatars

The Age of the Ancients. 
The Time of the Dawn War

The Age of Wyrms
The time of the Brobdingnagians.

The 1st Age of Man, The Age of Glory
Time of Song

The 2nd Age of Man, The Age of Heroes
The Time of Testing

The 3rd Age of Man, The Age of Rebirth
The Time of Apotheosis

The 4th Age of Man, The Age of Turpitude
The Time of the Sundering

The 5th Age of Man, The present

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