Saturday, September 5, 2015

5E D&D Part 1.

Because of a few people dropping out of my superhero game that I've been running I'm switching over to 5th edition D&D.    That means variant rules must be deiced, house rules have to be codified and a world created.   I have most of the in my head but I have to get some information in to the hands of the players.

So lets start with the Players Handbook.

1. House rule: Dark Elves (Drow)-  Are considered an uncommon race and have to follow any uncommon race rules.  see below.

2. Human - The Variant Human Traits rule from p.31 is allowed.

3.House rule: Uncommon races- All uncommon races have to be approved by the DM before play.  There are story reasons for this house rule.

4. House rule:  Ability scores- Upon rolling abilities, if the totaled modifiers is less then zero the player can re-roll  all scores.

5. Backgrounds: The Retainers feature for the Nobel background is available.  p. 135

6. Backgrounds: The Bad Beputation for Sailor is available.  p. 139

7.  Customization options:  All of chapter 6 is open for use,

8. Spells- Some spells may have to be completely rewritten to fit the setting.  (i.e.  Find Familiar and Summon Steed).

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