Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek-With spoilers!!!!

I tried to put the original series out of my head as much as poss able in watching this movie, so I found it to be an enjoyable summer blockbuster, but ultimately forgettable. I'd say its worth seeing on the big screen but not on opening weekend.

I first should say that the cast was incredible. Everyone did a phenomenal job filling in the shoes of the original cast. Karl Urban as Bones, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Simon Pegg as Mr. Scott stood out from the rest. Casting gets: A++

The rest of the film left me unimpressed. I really dislike J.J. Abrams camera work, with the return of the 'very shaky cam' from Cloverfield; it was very distracting. As were the quick cuts in the fight scenes, I know they can make a fight more exciting but they were too much. Filming gets:C-

The story was disappointing but it had a lot of action to make up for it. The writers also didn't seem to have a grasp for basic space science either. I do think they did an OK job with the time travel aspect, even though at certain points I wanted to stand up and yell something like "Black holes don't work like that!!!". All the Treks had more respect for science, even though they sometimes got it wrong. The Story gets:B

Overall I have to give the film a solid 'B'. Nothing ground breaking but an good movie. One thing does trouble me, why do the below deck scenes remind me of Space Mutiny?

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