Monday, May 4, 2009

D&D Game day

I was asked to run a D&D game day on May 23rd. I ran the last one for the release of the Players Handbook 2 and I there were some issues. I don't plan to have them again.

The bigest one was reading the quickling entry wrong, I thought its Fey Shift power was usable more then once a day and as a move action as well. That lead to the party expending too many healing surges and attacks. It also made the first of the three combats last way too long.

The other issue was the players wern't familar with their charicters. I lay some of the blame on WotC for using 11th level PCs. The next game day, the prerolled PCs are 5th level; that should help out quite a bit. To make it simplier for new players, I plan to make color coded power cards for each PC.

I will be keeping notes on my preperation for this Game Day. All I know right now is the tilte, Journey Through the Silver Caves, and the book it's promoting, Monster Manual 2.

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