Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cocktail #38 Baltimore Bracer

Happy new year all!
 Its good to wish 2012 goodbye and say hello to bight shiny new 2013! Lots to look forward to this year, the Olympics, the Presidential election, and a new Batman movie!

 What do you mean that was last year?!?! I missed posting about those?!? Crud...lets see.

We've got the Superman reboot and Iron Man 3, I bet more good stuff will happen too. You're kidding me.....the Smurfs 2? Oh I see now, its going to be like every other year. But enough of that, on to the cocktail!

Baltimore Bracer

1 oz of Anisette
1 oz of Brandy
White of one egg

 Shake well with cracked ice and strain into a 4 oz cocktail glass.

Now according to the website Cocktails of the World a bracer is an archaic name for a cocktail. I wonder if Baltimore has a history of importing brandy. A quick Google search brings up the singer Brandy's concert and a Raven's cheerleader named Brandy, so that proves useless.

It looks frothy and inviting, so I take a sip.  Now I taste why this isn't on any menu.  The Anisette overpowers the Brandy,  maybe its the quality of the Spirits I'm using.  I doubt I'll revisit that anytime soon.

Now what should do I do with the leftover yolk?

Next up:  #40 Bamboo Cocktail


  1. You're jumping from 38 to 40? Something wrong with 39?

    1. Nothing is wrong, Mr. or Ms. Noymous. I just have two issues, I don't have any Madera wine on hand and the recipe requires a 12 oz Collins glass, it actually part of the measurements. I have a budget to consider right now. So I'm skipping ahead.


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