Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gamma World update

So WotC has started to preview Gamma World.

(Yes, I know that I am a bit late getting around to reporting this, but I was getting married.)

The first section, released on Sep. 13, has an overview of the cards. There are two types, Alpha Mutations and Omega Tech. The Mutations end after the encounter, while the Tech is discarded after it's used. It looks like the player's build a deck, and can rebuild it after each extended rest or between sessions. From a mechanics view it looks interesting, but could be easily abused.

On the 17th, Character creation was previewed. One of the key differences between GW and D&D shows here, there are no races; instead you roll for your PC origin. That's a real change from what I remember from older editions, but still looks OK to me.

Then on the 20th the topic was origins. It started with this sentence "Gamma Terra is made up of the debris of multiple fractured realities, all competing to origins the same time-space." What??!?! That's not classic GW?! *Deep Breath* On the orgins, PCs roll twice on a chart to get hybrid race, if you roll the same result twice you get an "Engineered Human", what ever that is. My test roll came up with a Pyrokinetic Felinoid. With PCs like that adventures should be interesting.

Gear was shown-off on the 24th. Ammo is treated very simplistic and weird, if you only shoot once in an encounter, you will never run out but any more then that you are will run out until you get more. Not realistic at all.

The 27th gave advice about running Gamma World. There are some locations given but they seem uninspired. It's followed by advice on adventure creation. It's ignorable if you GM or watch Thundarr the Barbarian or Samurai Jack.

Lastly a preview of a monster. A Porker, a mutant humanoid pig. The stat block looks like it was taken out of 4e. That's a good thing, it makes the learning curve easier.

At this this time it looks like this isn't you daddy's Gamma world.
I'll be back on the 4th with the next preview.

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