Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Known Fact-Ohio

The state of Ohio has a field of strange energy emitting from the soil. These 'Xenia Rays' are known to the powerbrokers in Columbus, and to a lesser extent the ones in Lima. Long term residents have built up an immunity to these rays, but visitors experance weird dreams of an ancient ruined city with red and yellow banners on the walls. To combat these effects the architecture of the Pro-Football Hall of Fame is designed to channel the Xenia Rays to the Van Allen belt, but the energy keeps growing. The Rock & Roll Hall of fame was built to counteract the growth but the levels are growing.

Studies have shown that the energy will spike in December of 2012. Is this mark of next age that the Myan predicted? Can a new Hall of Fame be built in time?

We will see but I tell you this.....

This is FACT!

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