Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RPG of the week-Pandemonium!

In an effort to get off my lazy butt to update my blog, I am starting a new feature. I taking one gaming product off out of my collection and doing a mini-review and maybe some adventure ideas.

First up, is PANDEMONIUM! Adventures in Tabloid World.
Author: Stephen Michael Sechi
Status: Very very out of print.
Genre: Modern Comedy

Pandemonium takes place in a world where the supermarkets tabloids are 100% factual and the PCs work for one of tabloids as investigators. They hunt down weird stories all over and report back to their paper to be printed.

The game system is barely there. Maybe if had more crunch the game would of done better. Thankfully though, its the only drawback.

Following one of the great unwritten rules of comedy, the book is written in a serious tone even when dealing with silly things. The art is black and white pasted together photos or old public domain images that really capture the cheesy tabloid feel. The sample adventure introduces the world quite well and, Heck, it has Elvis so it must be good.

But the true value of tha game is the section "The Encyclopedia Paranormal". It contains comprehensive list of tabloid subjects. It would be quiet an addition to any GMs collection if he deals with weird games.

There was one supplement released called "Stranger then Truth!", with some currently big names as authors.

The adventure idea, The PCs are sent to Las Vegas to investigate a case of Evis impersonators spontaneously bursting into flame at a local seedy night club.

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